Much misinformation has been generated about EPIC. Each week during the 2020 legislative session, we will provide the truth to lawmakers and the public about topics sparking discussion. It is Time for Truth.

Week 1: EPIC's Demographics

Week 2: EPIC News Network

Week 3: EPIC's High School Graduation Rates

Week 4: EPIC's Learning Fund

Week 5: EPIC's Charter Management Company

Week 6: EPIC's Blended Learning Centers

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EPIC's student population is diverse. The majority of students are classified as economically disadvantaged and EPIC educates students in all 77 Oklahoma counties. Approximately 17 percent of EPIC students are in special education. About one in two students come to EPIC because of bullying and/or school safety concerns. One thing everyone shares in common: a firm belief that school can be different and that parents and students are entitled to authentic public school choice.

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EPIC News Network (ENN) is Oklahoma’s only statewide journalism program for high school students. Initiated in the fall of 2019, ENN is NOT public relations. ENN teaches students the principles of newsgathering, reporting, writing, editing, photojournalism, audio-visual production and ethics. 

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Competitors and critics of EPIC Charter Schools often hit its graduation rate and marginalize the school’s efforts to ensure students are college- and career-ready upon graduation. Learn more about the TRUTH behind EPIC’s efforts for its high school students.

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The one aspect of EPIC’s academic model that is the most misunderstood is its Learning Fund. Attackers of EPIC and public school choice have attempted to confuse policymakers and the public by asserting EPIC families receive payments from EPIC through the school’s Learning Fund or are charged expenses. This is false. Learn more about the TRUTH behind EPIC's Learning Fund.

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Critics and public school competitors of EPIC Charter Schools maintain a private company should not manage a public funded organization. They opine this despite outsourcing hundreds of millions of dollars to private, for profit companies in the operation of their own school districts. Learn more about the TRUTH behind EPIC Charter Schools’ charter management company.

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EPIC has two charters. It is authorized in all 77 counties by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board for its One-on-One charter and it is sponsored by Rose State College for its Blended Learning Charter, which is limited to students residing only in Tulsa and Oklahoma County. Learn more about the Truth behind EPIC's Blended Learning Centers. 

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