EPIC Charter Schools is serving approximately 30,000 students as of the 2020 legislative session. That is nearly 2,000 more students than it had as of its official October 1, 2019 enrollment count, which is the number of students for which it receives funding this school year. That's right. EPIC is educating about 2,000 students this school year for which it will receive zero funding!


EPIC's student population is diverse. EPIC educates students in all 77 Oklahoma counties, the majority of whom are classified as economically disadvantaged. Approximately 17 percent of EPIC students are in special education. About one in two students come to EPIC because of bullying and/or school safety concerns. Their reasons for enrolling in EPIC and their backgrounds run the gamut, and we encourage policymakers to talk with their local constituents who work for or receive their education from EPIC as to what their EPIC 'why' is. One thing everyone shares in common: a firm belief that school can be different and that parents and students are entitled to authentic public school choice.


Find your House and Senate district, and learn what that district's EPIC demographics are.

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