Critics and public school competitors of EPIC Charter Schools maintain a private company should not manage a public funded organization. They opine this despite outsourcing hundreds of millions of dollars to private, for profit companies in the operation of their own school districts. So consider what EPIC Charter Schools’ charter management company has achieved: 


●      Highest average teacher pay in Oklahoma, $64,005 1 not including benefits. Comparatively, the average traditional public school salary is $51,779 2 and that figure does include benefits. 

●      Living wages for ALL employees, including support staff. No EPIC employee is compensated below $36,000 annually, with an additional $3,000 performance pay potential. That compensation does not include fully paid health and Teacher Retirement System of Oklahoma  benefits, which ALL EPIC employees are provided.

●      A higher percentage of state revenues dedicated to instruction than traditional public school districts. EPIC spends 71 percent on instruction, compared to the state average of 55 percent. 3

●      Being named one of Oklahoma’s Top Workplaces for three consecutive years. It was THE Top Workplace in 2018 and was the Top Workplace for Employee Appreciation in 2019. 4 Top Workplaces are identified by a third party analyzing survey data provided to them by employees in an anonymous manner and the investments made in employees in such areas as compensation, benefits, professional development and culture.

●      Student loan repayment and tuition reimbursement program for ALL employees.

●      No teacher employed under emergency certification.


America is what it is because we value innovation, independence and a pioneering spirit. Advances in our society have come from determined people aiming to improve the world around them rather than succumbing to a defeatist or “that’s the way it’s always been done” mentality. Innovation is the cornerstone of EPIC - an Oklahoma-based organization employing more than 1,400 people across the state.



1 Calculated from internal 2018 EPIC payroll data based on an average full-time roster size of 35 students. EPIC salaries do not include benefits but EPIC provides paid health, Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System and/or 403b benefits averaging more than $17,000 per FTE.

2 Based on 2017-18 average teacher salary for traditional public schools obtained by the State Department of Education.

3 Based on 2019 Oklahoma Cost Accounting System data from the State Department of Education.

4 Based on internal survey results calculated by Energage, the analytics company responsible for overseeing all participating companies’ results for the Top Workplace competition.

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