“My Epic Why is that EPIC Charter Schools is serving children in ways no other school system is doing in the state of Oklahoma, with tailored instruction. EPIC is special and effective because a parent doesn’t have to select a one-size, fits-all for their family. Some of our students have siblings who reside in the same households who attend traditional schools because their needs are different. Meeting those needs is what EPIC does best.”


LEE ROLAND, director of diversity and inclusion

“As a teacher at EPIC, I get to interact and know the family and join with them as a team to educate their child/children. A triangle of support from the teacher, the student and the parent all involved in the learning process provide a foundation for excellence. We get to know each student individually and learn that student’s learning style, strengths, weaknesses and can address their unique needs.”



“Students and families need a choice when it comes to their educational path. As an EPIC principal, I have had the privilege to see students that were unable to achieve in the traditional classroom not only succeed, but thrive and flourish. EPIC has a high bar for success and pushes each student and teacher to achieve. EPIC students are able to thrive through their own personal learning experience.”


CHRISTY BROWN, director of principal leadership development

“Every student learns differently. Differentiation, modification and accommodation can be imperative to the growth and success of students. Addressing those needs with more than one approach and having a 24/7 Homework Help line available allows families flexibility in both approach and scheduling. That approach can be challenging in a traditional classroom model but it’s part of our everyday dynamic at EPIC.”



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